At Delphix we believe that the best products are built by a diverse team of great engineers. Because women are an underrepresented group in technical degrees, finding diverse candidates is a challenge. In order to do our part to help more women achieve technical degrees, we created this coding competition – the Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women.

Program details

  • The winner receives $5,000 to be used toward tuition
  • Requirements:
    • Applicants must identify as a woman
    • Students who will be enrolled in college full-time in calendar year 2016 and are pursuing a technical degree like computer science, mathematics, information technology, applied mathematics, electrical engineering, etc.
    • Agree to your name, image, and other details being used for promotional purposes
  • Contest details:
    • Submissions are judged using the source code and supporting materials. We welcome school and/or group projects, but it is best to submit something that shows off as much of your code as possible and clearly distinguishes the code you wrote from code contributed by your teachers or others on the project. Due to IP laws, you shouldn’t submit code developed as part of paid work or code you do not have the rights to.
    • Submissions include source code and binaries along with any tests and documentation that has been created
    • Submissions include link to recorded demo of program running

The application window for 2015 is closed.

The winner will be notified by December 11th and announced on December 15th.